Pool with feet
Play pool with your feet
Ever stood on a pool table? How about a giant pool table? Here is your chance!
Come play pool with your feet on a giant pool table. Snookball is also known as soccer pool as the pool balls are soccer ball size.
The rules are the same as the typical 8-ball and 9-ball billiard games, except that team members can “pass”.
See complete Snookball rules here.
Children Friendly
Enjoy precious family time with your children on our giant pool tables!
Ballers’ Bistro has a children version of the gameplay: players may kick the colored balls directly, after the break. All kids enjoy kicking soccer balls, let their enormous amount of energy out!
Giant Pool Table
Pool in Mississauga
Ideal Partying Spot
Snookball at Ballers’ Bistro is also perfect for large corporate or team building events, as well as birthday and bachelor parties. It is a truly giant billiard table that can fit many guests at once. And we have 7 Snookball tables. Come watch a game, enjoy a plate of all-dressed gourmet nachos with a pint of Guinness, and play pool with your feet in Mississauga!
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