Here at Ballers, you will never have to worry about where to eat after a game.
Nor would you need to worry about the fine grain details of event planning!
No matter your age, gender or whether you are a sports geek, you can enjoy a game of Snookball!

Who we are

Ballers' Bistro was created by three friends who share the same philosophy and dream. open a store that truly satisfies people's thirst for a modern, fun and engaging entertainment in a totally relaxing and cool atmosphere that has not been available previously.
With Ballers' Bistro, we hope to bring you entertainment, delicious food and a fun atmosphere all under one roof.


Can we just eat or take out?

Of course! We are a full-service restaurant & bar that can seat over 150 guests. Come try out our Cowboy Ribeye, Beef Wellington or a simple Foie Gras Poutine! We also do catering.

What is Snookball?

Simply speaking, it's a hybrid game combining billiard and soccer, where the pool balls are replaced by soccer balls and the pool cue is replaced by your foot. Click here to find out the rules and history of Snookball.

How long are each game? Do we need to book ahead of time?

55 minutes per session. We suggest you book in advance to ensure there will be no disappointment.

How many people can fit into one Snookball lounge?

For optimal experience, we recommend up to 8 guests per lounge, but it can fit up to 15 guests.

What if we are a larger group?

Get lounges that are connected or side by side. Basically, book more than 1 lounge. See our graphical Snookball Lounge Selection Guide here.

Can we eat/drink when playing?

Sure you can. We have tables and chairs at each Snookball lounge so you can comfortably Eat, Drink and Kick. However, dishes and drinks cannot be on our Snookball Tables.

Can we eat/drink in Ballers' Dining Area before or after playing?

Definitely! Unfinished food/drink will be transferred between Snookball lounges and our dining areas. See our graphical Snookball Lounge Selection Guide here.

Can I host a private function or corporate event there?

Of course! See this page for more details on corporate functions or send your private function request to us here.

Is this a children friendly environment?

Yes and we love children. We offer high chairs, booster seats, changing tables and children Snookball game play.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are wheelchair accessible.

Do you have a projector screen?

Yes, we have a projector screen that can be used for your meetings.

Contact Us

Feel free to drop us an email about anything. We are always on the look out for enthusiastic individuals to join our team!

Address: Heartland Town Centre of Mississauga
          600 Matheson Blvd. West, Unit 4
          Mississauga, Ontario, L5R 4B8

Phone: 905-568-0420


Visit Us

Located near Matheson Boulevard West and McLaughlin Rd, right by Party City.